For The Good Times: Mosquito Joe of Mason

For The Good Times: Mosquito Joe of Mason

For the Good Times Count On Mosquito Joe of Mason

Rids Your Yard of Pesky Invaders

Mosquitoes and other pests are annoying and they can spread diseases that are harmful to people and pets. That is why your best bet is to keep these pesky invaders under control. Mosquito Joe of Mason can help you. For both residential and commercial settings, Mosquito Joe of Mason offers temporary, ongoing, and permanent solutions that can help you and your guests enjoy good times in the outdoors again. Our products and services include synthetic and organic treatments to rid your outdoor areas of not only mosquitoes but also ticks and fleas.

Barrier Spray

The quickest way to treat your outdoor area and make it ready for guests is with our barrier spray. With a barrier spray, your yard will be ready 30-45 minutes after treatment. We use a safe, synthetic pesticide to treat the areas where mosquitoes hide, in plants, trees, and shrubs. One barrier spray keeps on working to control pests in the treated area for up to three weeks.

Flea and Tick Control

Just like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks also can carry diseases – like Lyme disease – that can spread to pets and people alike. That’s why it is important to have Mosquito Joe of Mason treat your outdoor areas for fleas and ticks. Our flea and tick treatment targets plants and shrubs where fleas and ticks hide to create a barrier that keeps your pets and family safe.

Misting Systems

While our regular, ongoing barrier spray treatments are effective for two to three weeks before retreatment is required, installing a misting system offers a consistent, permanent solution to your outdoor pest control needs. For businesses especially, a misting system can increase customer enjoyment in outdoor spaces such as patios and eating areas by eradicating mosquitoes around the clock.

Special Event Treatments

If regular treatment of your outdoor areas isn’t required, Mosquito Joe of Mason offers one-time special event pest control. When you plan to host a graduation party, outdoor wedding and reception, or just an annual family barbecue, Mosquito Joe of Mason can make sure that no mosquitoes are invited to these events. We will perform a one-time barrier spray that will have your outdoor space ready for action within an hour after treatment.

It’s Your Call

If you are still not sure which service best fits your needs, call our team today at 513-781-9944 or toll free at 1-855-564-6563. We will send a certified technician out to do a walk-through of your outdoor space and recommend the best pest control solution for you. For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit us online at We look forward to talking with you about your mosquito control needs. We’re here to help!


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